poltrona PK22

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57 x 65 x 64 Profondità seduta 44 cm
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Pk22 1956, Base in metallo, sedile in pelle 1956
Maggiori informazioni
Peso (kg]15.0
altezza [cm]65
larghezza [cm]57
profondità [cm]64
altezza del sedile [cm]34
IspiratorePoul Kjaerholm
Gruppo di progettazioneFunky Living Room
Tipo di arredopoltrona
MaterialeBase in metallo, sedile in pelle
Marcabluefurn ©
Anno di progettazione1956
tempi di consegnaSu richiesta
Dimensioni larghezza x profondità x altezza57 x 65 x 64 Profondità seduta 44 cm
In DepthMuch of Poul Kjærholm's furniture was intended for his own home, located north of Copenhagen, and designed by his wife, architect Hanne Kjærholm. His PK22 Easy Chair (1956) was inspired by the light, elegant klismos chair made by the ancient Greeks. Kjærholm lowered the chair in three parts: legs, seat and terminals. Such simplicity is true to the International Style, and the combination of a steel structure with natural materials was characteristic of his work. Due to its disciplined approach, the chair is cantilevered and stabilized by a double crossbar is positioned so that the body rests naturally without a hard front or top. Supple and flexible, the PK22 has a minimalist aesthetic that goes well with a low sofa.
Meta DescriptionIspirato da Poul Kjaerholm stile stile poltrona. PK22. Vari colori in azione. da design poltrona da 1956
Pk22 poltrona, Base in metallo, sedile in pelle poltrona
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